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We work together with our clients through the ideation process to identify the key inputs for the best quality and creative solution for their business needs, before writing a single line of code.


We are deep focused in obtaining the best user interfaces to give our solutions a great user experiences. Seeing this as one of the key differentiation aspects in a successful product, we quickly get to work drawing up wireframes to then design the graphical elements and branding assets.


We provide software development services caring about exceeding our client's expectations. A smooth development process is necessary to keep your project on time, as well as meeting the launch date. We regularly give progress reports as we manage the backend and frontend development of the product.

QA Analysis

No project goes live until everything works exactly as expected. Xseed provides dedicated QA for testing the software we create. Our dedicated QA team will test and debug the entire code and report back to the engineering team with any fixes. They are involved during the entire development process.


Launch is a critical time so we take care every aspect. We resolve all hurdles strategically like your true partner. When your project goes live and your user-base grows, we are standing by to provide any additional support and maintenance your product needs. Your growing business is our business.


GU Trade Marketing

Web & Mobile Application

GU Trade Marketing

GUTrade Marketing is an Startup developed in partnership with Xseed in 2014. It was created in order to improve the visibility of products from companies of massive consumption, through their merchandising.
GUTrade is a web and mobile platform. Through the web, the people in charge of the equipment of visibility plan the daily work, they see information of their products (missing, stock, price differences, next to beat and suggested), generate the tasks to execute in the point of sale (POS) and then the information collected during the day at the POS is analyzed. In the mobile application, the merchandising cross the points of sale performing the tasks generated for the point, control the products, control the assets of the company and have an online communication with their supervisors.
GUTrade has presence in seven different countries: Uruguay, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru. Its main customers are international and renowned brands. Today more than 2500 people use the tool and is expected to expand in 5 more countries for this year.

Some features:
Notifications: the web application seeks to be a response system and not just a query. When certain events occur, the system notifies the users about the relevant information.
SKU control: the platform provides the detail status of your SKU's, both the quantity that exists at the point of sale as the control of its expiration date.
Routes: the planning involving which points of sale to visit is important, both in the order as in the time that each point consumes.
Tasks: seeking better performance at the points of sale, the work is planned at the web application and then executed in the mobile application.


Web & Mobile App


Bimbo is the most important Baking Company in the world on the basis of brand positioning, production volume and sales, and the undisputable leader in their field in Mexico, Latin America, and the United States.

For this kind of companies specialized in massive marketing of products, the information of the points of sale (POS) is of big importance. In this context, Bimbo asked us for a challenging project that encompassed all the countries of Central America as well as Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia. This involved the search for a solution to optimize the task of the field supervisors and to be able to analyze the evolution of the work of the sellers, who are the ones who execute the actions in the commercial premises.

The project begins with the realization of several trips of gathering information, with the purpose of helping our client to make a good listing of requirements. Once the stage of defining requirements has been completed, we embark on the development of a solution that is properly adapted to the needs of Bimbo. On the one hand, it was a great challenge at the Mobile level, where the supervisor, when arriving at the point of sale, has the possibility of punctuating the actions performed there, for example, the exhibition of the products in relation to the competition.It is also possible to mark if any merchandise is missing to establish the commercial dynamics or tasks for sellers, and things to improve. Then, all this information is assimilated and strategically analyzed through a web platform that we developed for that purpose. There you can see through graphs and statistics the progress of each POS and the performance of the seller. It was a great challenging project with very good results for the client.


Web Applications


Scotiabank is one of the most important banks in the world and we worked together to develop three projects.

On the one hand, we developed MAC (Cost Allocation Model in Spanish), a Web platform that serves to find the cost of each bank customer according to the allocation of products. It also helps to make them more profitable by offering more services. Depending on the type of product, you are able to know the area of ​​the bank involved and the percentage of time invested in the client. The system we created entailed a huge challenge since it had to automatically do complex calculations and also because it is fed from the four core systems of the bank.

Another project we created for Scotiabank was a Web solution for the assignment of debit cards for payroll accounts. The platform created allows the user to request a debit card by entering the needed personal data. Once the potential customer performs this action, the system activates a request for account execution in the bank and the subsequent delivery of the product. This project had the objective of automatically capturing customers without having to assign an account executive and also giving the option to the applicant of not having to personally attend a branch to carry out the process.

Finally, we worked on the generation of a Windows desktop application for AMEX card. The objective was to be able to make the reconciliation of all the transactions of the card made in the day in the country and then make a massive dump to the parent systems of the brand.